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Stone is one of the oldest building materials that has inseparable companionship with human generation. With face transformation of generous earth, creative human being, wise and artistic, has made a great deal of profit from different material of the earth.

Stone inscription, ornamental usage, stone palaces, and the use of stones in various buildings has shown us the passed uneven path taken on stones.

In the past centuries with a close and detailed study of various kinds of igneous ,sedimentary and metamorphic stones human being has recognized and explained, then valuable scientific works as a precious source has been kept memento in every corner of world scientific centers for the next generations and  has been the subject of many books, articles ,researches ,and various projects around the world.

Once hatchet ,hammer, lever, and chisel were the requirements  of working on stones ,today with the advancement of science ,technology ,and improvement in recognition of stones ,and  machinery ،mechanical equipment for recognition, extraction, transportation ،production in desired size and thickness ,and development of the stone related industries, buildings, architecture ,they all bear a gift of building and architecture.

Experts ،and factory owners are fortunately environmentalist ,according to their latest knowledge of environment with the help of organizations and convergence ,holding specialized international fairs throughout the world   ,latest innovations and achievements in methods, incomparable variety ,construction -related jobs and investment services ,stone and architecture including bank, insurance ,installation ,machinery, mechanical equipments ,and  offer other  stone related composite materials  .in addition to knowledge and special information exchange it offers exclusive and distinct value of stones in  a process of construction execution to the customers.

Ancient Iran with various stone mines has gorgeous structures ,schools ,universities, historical castles ,halls , hotels , mosques ,Quran houses , airports ,huge business centers, huge residential and industrial areas is one of the richest treasures which we can observe the astonishing beauty of Iranian architecture and stone art in different cities and based on local tradition of nations it can serve as a model .

Objectives and Prospects

Zomorod as a professional brand with 50 years of antiquity and presence in production arena ,believing in stable effort principles in quality improvement  ,and variable conditions ,in order  to distinguish its stone production ،flexibility in production , speed and innovation ،creating more value-added in comparison with other competitor productions ,caring about convergence ،organization-oriented, close and constant relationship with customers ,conducting research in marketing in order  to recognize domestic and regional markets , export disciplines ,Zomorod has selected all factors and techniques of creating a market, establishing a long term and satisfactory relationship along with loyalty for  its customers  relying on attractive notification based on  domestic and international customer's taste , as a professional prospect .

Managers of Zomorod group deeply believes in providing everything customers are asking for ,in order to making this dream come true Zomorod is proud of producing variety of stones in different sizes and patterns with admirable quality and is providing exactly the same products that the domestic and international customers are asking for  .A  process that is  taking a role and making effort in  full customer satisfaction and is called  bringing them to an excellent feeling.

In addition, Zomorod  experts analyzing target markets environment abroad , economical structure awareness , different countries culture and social behavior, knowing the dominant technology  of countries  ,target countries rules and regulations ,knowing target countries customer satisfaction ,believing in worldwide market ,development of productive and technologic activities, commerce and export of its products throughout the world markets in different continents ,exaltation of gorgeous brand of Zomorod Group in economical competitions and making the companies brand as pioneer and sublime organization through real customer satisfaction for its customers, and is moving towards these  goals .

Zomorod having considered customer satisfaction approach, conducting studies on its customer demands, further understanding of stone usage environments ، as a requirement in order to let the customers choose their required products consciously and Zomorod is assigned to improve the quality of its products to have an excellent economical feedback to be able to compete with other competitors and to create a market and improve its position in gorgeous and green worldwide market.

Zomorod with sensitivity on dynamic element of time and strategic view , with planning  and benefiting from skill and specialty of its personnel, and customer honoring of Zomorod family, has divided its long term targets into steps and facilitated  reaching to this tangible, excellent ,and reachable destination  .



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